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Phone: 413.744.3431 or
call ext. 43431 internally

Fax: 413.226.4359

Toll-free: 800.940.9466

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Member Service

If you have any questions regarding the products or services we offer, or questions about your account, please email or call the Member Service Department at:

[email protected]

Main Office: 413.744.3431 or
internally at ext. 43431

If you lost your card or think it may have been stolen, make sure to call the credit union right away! 

Normal business hours for both ATM/Visa Check Card (Debit Card): 800.940.9466

Normal business hours for Visa Rewards Credit Card and Visa Platinum Card: 866.820.2931

After hours for ATM/Visa Check Card (Debit Card): 800.554.8969

After Hours for Visa Rewards Credit Card and Visa Platinum Credit Card: 800.449.7728

Click here to learn more about preventing debit card and credit card fraud.