Manage all your bills with one login

We have discovered issues with two payees (billers) through our bill pay service:
City of Springfield – At this time, we do not recommend using the bill pay service to pay the City of Springfield. There is incorrect information printed on excise and property tax bills that if used to pay the bill, the payment is credited to the wrong area. We are currently working with the City of Springfield and our bill pay service to resolve the issues.
Eversource – Eversource is in the process of updating their billing systems and we believe that is the root cause of the issue. Payments to Eversource should be processed electronically, but we have noticed that some are not and are being processed via check (it seems to be payments for Eversource Electric). You are still free to use the bill pay service to send payments to Eversource, but please understand it may take longer than normal for them to be credited.

Bill Pay allows you to pay your bills without the hassle of writing checks. Set up one-time or recurring payments with Bill Pay. You can even pay other financial institutions using your MMFCU accounts. You’ll be able to view a 3 month bill history, and for every paid bill you’ll receive a confirmation number in replacement of a cancelled check.

It’s just one more way we can make life a little bit easier for you.

Using Bill Pay is simple

  1. After you sign in to Digital Banking, select Bill Pay.
  2. Add a Company or Person to pay.
  3. Choose when and how much you want to pay and select Make Payments.
  4. Voila! You have successfully paid a bill using Bill Pay

There is no charge for using MMFCU Bill Pay.

To learn more about our Bill Pay, check out our demo.