Take advantage of our end-of-year specials!

As the end of the year draws near, money can seem to disappear! Whether you’re buying gifts for the grandkids, purchasing festive ingredients for a family recipe, or investing in quality gear to get you through this winter, take a look and see if any of our end-of-year specials could be a good fit for you and your story: 

Credit Cards

  • New Platinum Visa┬« Credit Card holders get 0% APR* for the first 6 months of purchases
  • New Rewards Visa Credit Card holders get triple points**  on purchases
  • Current Rewards Visa Credit Card holders get double points on all purchases**

Personal Loan

Loan Special: 5.99% APR*** on up to $2,500 for 12 months

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rate is fixed at 0% APR for all cardholders for six billing cycles. After six billing cycles, the rate will convert to the current, variable rate in effect at that time. Promotion may be withdrawn at any time, but is scheduled to end on 12/31/2023.
**One point accrued for every dollar spent. Points will be tripled for new cardholders and doubled for existing cardholders until January 31, 2024.
***Maximum borrowed amount is $2,500. Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Credit and income requirements apply. Promotion is for a 12-month term only. Other rates and terms may be available.