Save money with a fast track mortgage

Looking to put your mortgage in the fast lane? MMFCU can help you do it with Fast Track. Fast Track is a fixed home equity loan secured as a first lien on the property.

  • Check your rate below
  • Choose your term from 5 – 12 years
  • Low closing costs*

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TermNominal RateAPRPayment per $1000 borrowed
Fixed Rate Mortgages
30 Year Fixed - 0 Points7.750%7.785%$7.16
30 Year Fixed - 1 Point7.375%7.515%$6.91
30 Year Fixed - 2 Points7.125%7.367%$6.74
20 Year Fixed - 0 Points7.625%7.706%$8.14
15 Year Fixed - 0 Points7.625%7.661%$9.34
15 Year Fixed - 1 Point7.000%7.205%$8.99
15 Year Fixed - 2 Points6.500%6.870%$8.71
Fast Track Mortgage Refinance
12 Years6.375%6.470%$9.95
11 Years6.250%6.353%$10.49
10 Years6.125%6.236%$11.16
9 Years6.000%6.122%$12.01
8 Years5.875%6.010%$13.08
7 Years5.750%5.902%$14.49
6 Years5.675%5.850%$16.42
5 Years5.500%5.708%$19.10


*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Annual Percentage Rate listed is our best rate. Rates are subject to change at any time and without notice. $500 closing costs payable by borrower. An additional appraisal fee of $350 – $400 at borrower’s expense may also be required. Maximum combined loan-to-value of 60% based on Automated Valuation Model or 75% loan-to-value on appraised value. Some states (NY & FL, for example) require borrowers to pay a mortgage tax when closing a loan secured by real estate. Please contact the local municipality or county for more information. Not available for purchase money. Refinance only. Minimum loan amount of $25,000. Maximum loan amount of $200,000. Other restrictions and fees may apply.