Get paid to learn about finances

Zogo is a financial education resource complete with bite-sized learning modules on a variety of different topics: from budgeting to debt payoff to Roth IRAs and everything in between. Completing each module earns users pineapple points. Accumulate points and users earn gift cards to the store of their choice!

Access Zogo directly from the MassMutual Federal Credit Union mobile app, get started today!

  1. Log in to MMFCU Mobile Banking App
  2. Click on the ‘More’ tab on the bottom right
  3. Scroll to ‘Other Functions’
  4. Click ‘Zogo Rewards’
  5. Have fun learning and earning!

If you previously downloaded the Zogo app and used our access code (December 2023 and before) you will get to start over learning in our mobile banking app. Think of it as getting double the opportunity to earn gift card rewards!