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Holiday & Vacation Club Accounts

Club accounts are an easy way for you to save for a vacation or the holidays while still earning dividends. Our club accounts earn the same dividend rate as our savings accounts; however the funds in a club account cannot be accessed using your ATM/Visa Check Card.

To open a club account, first decide if you would like to save for the holidays, for a vacation, or for both; then decide how much you would like to designate to your club account(s) from your paycheck. Once the account is set up, the funds are pulled from your paycheck each time you are paid and directly deposited into your club account - you won't even know it's missing. If you have any extra cash you can make additional deposits into the club account at any time. And there are no penalties for early withdrawal.

The money you save in your club account will be automatically deposited into your savings account during the first week of November for the holidays, and during the first week of May for the vacation club account. Our club accounts are an easy way to save for the holidays or a special vacation without a lot of planning involved.

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