Member Education

Your FICO® Score


As a valued MMFCU member, you can view your FICO® Score for free.


This feature enables you to:

  • Have free online access to your FICO® Score

  • See key factors that affected your FICO® Score

  • Read educational content on FICO® Scores and financial health

MMFCU will update your FICO® Score quarterly, but remember that viewing your FICO® Score will not impact it - so visit the site as often as you want.


There are two ways to check your FICO® Score:

  •  Log into CUOnline, click on "Additional Services" in the main toolbar, and click on "Get Your FICO® Score"
  • Log into your MMFCU app, click "More" at the bottom menu, and click "FICO® Score"


FICO®  is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.


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