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Fraud Detection

We take fraud detection seriously at MMFCU. We are committed to protecting your account from experiencing fraudulent activity and are always looking for ways to enhance that protection. Some of the most recent measures we have taken has been to add text message alerts, CardValet, and Guardian Analytics to our already extensive list of top notch systems to keep you safe.

  • Text Message Alerts is a service that will reach you faster when potential fraudulent activity is detected on your MMFCU debit card. In an event that your card sees fraudulent activity, you will receive a text message from MMFCU's shortcode 37268. MassMutual FCU will appear in the message. Simply respond with YES or NO based upon the transaction information, and we'll handle it from there!
  • Card Valet is an app that you can download on your smartphone. If you have a MMFCU debit card, CardValet will hand over the controls to put you in charge of how you want your card to work. Click here to read more on CardValet and how using this app can help you guard against potential fraud.
  • Guardian Analytics is the #1 behavioral analytics platform for fraud prevention. We use Guardian Analytics to safeguard your mobile and online banking experience by looking for potential fraud and trying to stop it before it happens.

If you have any questions about our various fraud protection measures, please feel free to contact us at 800.940.9466Phone Icon or via email.

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