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Whether you are buying your first home or your tenth, buying a second home, or refinancing, our Mortgage Officers can help you to make sure the process goes smoothly and you are well informed. We are not-for-profit, so our Mortgage Officers only want you to have the best deal you can get without the hassle. To learn more about our mortgage process or to set up an appointment with one of our Mortgage Officers, call us at 800.940.9466 or send us an email.

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Mortgage Pre-Approvals

Our MortgageClick® online loan application allows you to apply for your mortgage pre-approval when your schedule allows. Just answer a few simple questions and you could have a loan decision within 15 minutes. Once you are pre-approved, you'll be able to shop for your new home and know which houses are within your price range. It's silly to waste time looking at houses that aren't within your price range, so getting pre-approved eliminates this wasted time. Plus, you'll be able to negotiate better with realtors and owners if they know you are pre-approved. Please note: A 5% down payment is required for single family, owner occupied purchase programs. Please call 800.940.9466 for down payment requirements for investment properties and second/vacation homes.

MMFCU does not offer VA/FHA or Mass Housing Loans.

Locking in your rate with no cost

We allow you to lock in your rate for a period of 30 days once your mortgage application has been approved, and if purchasing a home you have an accepted offer. Pre-approvals are not eligible for rate locking until an accepted offer to purchase is available. If you lock and rates take a jump up during the 30 days you are protected from the increase. Your signature is required at the time of locking a rate.


Looking to save some cash? If your current mortgage rate is higher than our mortgage rates, it may be a good idea to refinance your mortgage into a lower rate. Check out our calculators if you'd like to run some numbers first. Or apply online to get started today.

Have questions? Contact us at 800.940.9466 or send us an email.

No Point Option

With this option you can get a competitive rate that allows you to lower your up-front costs when purchasing a home.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) offer a selection of payment terms, built-in interest rate caps for you protection, plus the option to convert to a fixed rate loan (closing costs may apply).

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