Money Management

Climb to new heights with MMFCU's new financial management tool: Money Management. Visualize and interact with your money in the most epic ways. 


With Money Management, you can:

  • View all your financial relationships in one place - on your computer or smartphone
  • See where you're spending your money and track a budget with Bubble Budgets that move with you.
  • Learn where and how you spend.
  • Get out of debt and stay out of debt
  • Receive timely alerts and notifications.
  • Live within your means


Some of the features that Money Management offers include:

  • Cash Flow Calendar: Smart auto-creation of budgets based on spending history. You can also add goals for debt payoff, savings, & retirement.
  • Categorize Transactions: Significantly improved auto-categorization of transactions, including the ability to split categories and flag a transaction as personal or business. Categorizing your transactions will help you control your spending more easily, stay on budget, and save more.
  • Alerts: Set up email or text notifications to remind you when a bill is due, whether you've exceeded your spending target for a particular category of your budget, and more.

How to sign up

Money Management is a free service available from within CUOnline. If you're a current CUOnline user, just login and click on theMoney Management link to get started.

Not using CUOnline? Give us a call at 800.940.9466 and we can give you a user name and temporary password to login and begin using Money Management.

Take control of your finances...get started today!

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