Bill Pay

CUOnline not only offers you the ability to view your accounts and make transfers, but you can also view and pay your bills online. Bill Pay allows you to pay your bills without the hassle of writing checks, licking (and paying for) stamps, or sealing envelopes. You can set up automated monthly payments for your regular bills (mortgage, rent, car payments, etc.) or you can log on and make payments whenever you have time. You'll be able to view a 3 month bill history, and for every paid bill you'll receive a confirmation number in replacement of a cancelled check.

Bill Pay offers you the ability to have your bills viewed directly through CUOnline. By allowing our system to pull your bills from other websites, you save the time of having to visit each website to pay your bill. For example, if you have a Chase credit card, you can allow our system to go to the Chase website and pull your bill, so that when you log into CUOnline, you can view your Chase bill and make a payment, without ever having to leave CUOnline. It's just one more way we can make life a little bit easier for you.

There is no charge for using MMFCU Bill Pay.

To learn more about our Bill Pay, check out our demo.

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