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We know you're probably sick of carrying around your checkbook (if you're even still using checks) and cash just burns a hole in your pocket, purse, or wherever you keep it. Our solution: the ATM/Visa Check Card - plastic that gives you access to your accounts from just about anywhere. You can pay for purchases at department stores, restaurants, hotels, or anywhere you see the Visa logo. There are no annual or monthly fees for having our ATM/Visa Check Card, and there are no transaction fees for purchases you make with the ATM/Visa Check Card.

If you need cash or want to check your balances while you're on the road, you can use your ATM/Visa Check Card at the ATM. Visit any ATM with the CO-OP, CIRRUS, or NYCE Network logos to get instant access to cash, check your account balances, or transfer funds between your accounts. You'll never be charged for a transaction at our ATMs, and you're allowed 15 ATM transactions per month (20 if have a High Yield Checking account with us) at other financial institution's ATMs without receiving any fees from us.

Download the MMFCU app from the iTunes® Store or Google play and find a surcharge free ATM wherever you are with a couple of taps. The app uses your GPS enabled smartphone to determine your location and show you ATMs in your immediate area that are surcharge free.

Surcharge-Free ATM Networks

We belong to three surcharge-free ATM networks: MoneyPass, CO-OP and SUM.  Check out the links below to learn more about each network and where you can find nearby surcharge-free ATM locations.

MoneyPass Network

The MoneyPass Network offers tens of thousands of surcharge-free ATMs coast to coast located where you live, work and travel.  You can find the most convenient ATM location by visiting

CO-OP Network

The CO-OP Network has over 25,000 convenient locations in 50 states and 10 countries; 6,000 deposit-taking terminals; and 5,500 ATMs in 7-Eleven stores. You can find a CO-OP Network ATM by calling 1(888) SITE-COOP, sending a text message with your location to MYCOOP (692667), or visiting The CO-OP Network also added a new feature that allows you to download surcharge-free ATM locations to your navigation device. For more details visit their website at

SUM Network

The SUM Network of over 5,300 surcharge-free ATMs is a convenient and easy way to avoid surcharge fees. To find a SUM Network ATM location, visit their website at

Interested in making deposits at our partnering ATMs? Check out the ATMs near you that are part of our deposit share program. (Please note: Not all ATM's that participate in this service or that are listed on the NYCE website allow for surcharge free withdrawals.  Or deposit your checks from home with DeposZip or directly through our mobile app. Download from the iTunes® store or Google Play™ today!

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