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We understand that life gets busy, and it's not always easy to keep track of your schedule, never mind your financial accounts. That's why we offer online banking - a simple way to keep track of all of your accounts, wherever and whenever you need it.

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Online Statements
Online Bill Payment and Presentment
Online Banking Security


Our online banking, called CUOnline, allows you to check your balance, transfer funds, and view your statement right online. It's a quick and easy way to keep track of your daily finances, without the extra errands.

Here are some of the ways you can use CUOnline:

  • Get your current account balances
  • Review your account history, including ATM/Visa Check Card transactions
  • Make transfers between your accounts
  • View your statements
  • Download transaction history into personal financial software (Intuit Quicken & Microsoft Money)
  • View your loan information and make loan payments
  • Link to your spouse's or children's account
  • Order checks
  • Pay your bills using Online Bill Payment

Online Statements

Tired of receiving your statement in the mail every month? Sign up for Online Statements, and view your statement each month online. There is no charge for Online Statements, they are more secure than mail statements and you'll be able to view your statement online sooner than waiting for the mail to arrive.

It's easy to sign up!

For your MMFCU Accounts:

  • Log in to your CUOnline account
  • Click on Online Statements on the top navigation bar
  • Read and accept the disclosure

For your MMFCU Platinum Visa® Credit Card:

  • Log in to your CUOnline account
  • Click on your Credit Card under Loan Accounts
  • Click on Online Services under Recent Activity
  • Choose e-Statements


Online Bill Payment and Presentment

CUOnline not only offers you the ability to view your accounts and make transfers, but you can also view and pay your bills online with our Online Bill Payment and Presentment. Online Bill Payment allows you to pay your bills without the hassle of writing checks, licking (and paying for) stamps, or sealing envelopes. You can set up automated monthly payments for your regular bills (mortgage, rent, car payments, etc.) or you can log on and make payments whenever you have time. You'll be able to view a 3 month bill history, and for every paid bill you'll receive a confirmation number in replacement of a cancelled check.

Online Bill Presentment offers you the ability to have your bills viewed directly through CUOnline. By allowing our system to pull your bills from other websites, you save the time of having to visit each website to pay your bill. For example, if you have a Chase credit card, you can allow our system to go to the Chase website and pull your bill, so that when you log into CUOnline, you can view your Chase bill and make a payment, without ever having to leave CUOnline. It's just one more way we can make life a little bit easier for you.

There is no charge for using our Online Bill Payment and Presentment, however if you sign up but do not use it you will incur a monthly dormancy fee of $5.00 after 30 days of no use.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Online Bill Payment.

To learn more about our Online Bill Payment and Presentment, check out our demo by clicking on the image below.

Bill Pay Demo

Online Banking Security

The security of your accounts is always our top priority, especially when it comes to online access to your accounts. While we don't want to make it difficult for you to access your accounts online, we do want to make it impossible for anyone else to access your accounts. That is why we have enhanced our login process with additional security.

When you first sign up for CUOnline, you will be asked to set up a validation question to which you will indicate an answer that only you would know. Once you have chosen your question and indicated your answer, you will be able to add extra security to the computer you are using. This extra security is a small, low priority cookie that is placed within your Internet browser. This cookie does not track your computer in any way; it only tells our system that you have added the extra security. Each time you log in to your CUOnline account you will only have to enter your username and password; you will not be asked to answer the validation question. The only time you will be prompted to answer your validation question is if you try to log in to your account at a different computer (that does not have the extra security) or if you delete the cookies on your Internet browser.

We recommend that you add the extra security to your personal computer so that you can avoid answering the validation question each time you log in to your account. However, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT add the extra security to any public computers or computers that you share access to with others.

Check our out Frequently Asked Questions about our Online Banking Security.

For questions or more information, give us a call at 1(800)940-9466 or send us an email at



Have you ever wanted to deposit a check but didn't have time to stop by one of our offices or mail it in?  Our new service, called DeposZip, will allow you to deposit checks remotely without leaving your home or the office.  DeposZip allows you to deposit checks into your account using your computer, a compliant scanner and your CUOnline Banking account.  You will be able to send digital images of your checks securely to MMFCU for deposit.  Once the deposit is reviewed and accepted, it will be credited to your account.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on DeposZip, or review the DeposZip Member Agreement  for more information.

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