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We are now able to grant home loans in most states!  Looking to buy an investment property in North Carolina?  A vacation home in California?  We can help! Or perhaps you have family members in other areas of the country who would like to take advantage of our competitive mortgage and home equity products.  Now we are able to help you with your home loan in most states.

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Tailor Your Term Mortgage Refinance
Home Equity Loans/HELOCs


Tailor Your Term Mortgage Refinance

Need to retire your mortgage?  Retire mortgage free with our Tailor Your Term mortgage refinance special. Our Tailor Your Term mortgage refinance special is a fixed home equity loan secured as a first lien on the property.

  • Super low fixed rates starting at 2.625% APR*
  • Choose your term from 5 - 12 years
  • Low Closing Costs*
  • Current Rates:


Term Rate APR* Cost per $1000
12 Years 3.500% 3.589% $8.52
11 Years 3.375% 3.471% $9.09
10 Years 3.250% 3.355% $9.78
9 Years 3.125% 3.241% $10.64
8 Years 3.000% 3.129% $11.74
7 Years 2.875% 3.021% $13.16
6 Years 2.750% 2.920% $15.09
5 Years 2.625% 2.827%



Want to take advantage?  Apply online (once you log in, choose Your Choice Mortgage Refinance).

Have questions?  Give us a call at 800.940.9466 or send us an email at  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help! 


*APR=Annual Percentage Rate.  Annual Percentage Rate listed is our best rate. Rates are subject to change at any time and without notice. $500 closing costs payable by borrower. Appraisal fee of $350 - $400 at borrower's expense may also be required. Maximum combined loan-to-value of 60% based on Automated Valuation Model or 75% loan-to-value on appraised value. Some states (NY & FL, for example) require borrowers to pay a mortgage tax when closing a loan secured by real estate. Please contact the local municipality or county for more information. Not available for purchase money.  Refinance only.  Minimum loan amount of $25,000.  Maximum loan amount of $200,000. Other restrictions and fees may apply.


Home Loans

Whether you are buying your first home, purchasing an investment property, buying a second home, or refinancing, our Mortgage Officers can help you to make sure the process goes smoothly and you are well informed. We are not-for-profit, so our Mortgage Officers only want you to have the best deal you can get without the hassle.  To learn more about our mortgage process or to set up an appointment with one of our Mortgage Officers, call us at 1(800)940-9466 or send us an email at

Ready to get started?  Apply online for a mortgage today.

Mortgage Pre-Approvals

Our MortgageClick® online loan application allows you to apply for your mortgage pre-approval when your schedule allows. Just answer a few simple questions and you could have a loan decision within 15 minutes. Once you are pre-approved, you'll be able to shop for your new home and know which houses are within your price range. It's silly to waste time looking at houses that aren't within your price range, so getting pre-approved eliminates this wasted time. Plus, you'll be able to negotiate better with realtors and owners if they know you are pre-approved.  Please note: A 5% down payment is required for most  purchase programs.

Locking in your rate with no cost

We allow you to lock in your rate for a period of 30 days once your mortgage application has been approved, and if purchasing a home you have an accepted offer. Pre-approvals are not eligible for rate locking until an accepted offer to purchase is available. If you lock and rates take a jump up during the 30 days you are protected from the increase.  Your signature is required at the time of locking a rate.


Looking to save some cash?  If your current mortgage rate is higher than our mortgage rates, it may be a good idea to refinance your mortgage into a lower rate.  Check out our calculator page if you'd like to run some numbers first.  Or apply online to get started today.

Have questions?  Contact us at 1(800)940-9466 or send us an email at   

Interest-First Mortgages

Our interest-first mortgages allow you to pay only interest for the first 10 years and then an amortized payment for the next 20 years.

No Point Option

With this option you can get a competitive rate that allows you to lower your up-front costs when purchasing a home.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) offer a selection of payment terms, built-in interest rate caps for you protection, plus the option to convert to a fixed rate loan (closing costs may apply).

Home Equity Loans/HELOCs

Looking to remodel your home? Put in a pool? Pay for a vacation? Pay for a college education? Consider our Home Equity Loans or Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) to pay for any of these or other spending plans you may have. You can enjoy a low rate and in most cases the interest you pay is tax deductible (consult your tax advisor for details).  To learn more about our Home Equity Loans or Lines of Credit, give us a call at 1(800)940-9466 or send us an email at

Home Equity Loans

If you like the stability and comfort of fixed rates, terms, and monthly payments, our home equity loans could be the right fit for you. We have low closing costs, and you can apply online.  Check out our super low rates!

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

If you want to have a line of credit available to use whenever you need it, you're probably interested in our home equity line of credit (HELOC). There are no appraisal fees, annual fees, title fees, or application fees (some closing costs may be incurred depending on the location of the property).  Save time and apply online today. Special! HELOC introductory rates are as low as 1.99% APR*!!

We also give you the option to move a portion of your HELOC into a fixed rate Home Equity Loan.**


*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Prime as of 09/30/2011 is 3.25%. The introductory rate will remain the same for the first 3 months from the loan closing date. The interest rate is based on borrowing up to 80% of the equity in your home. Upon expiration of the introductory rate, your rate will automatically revert to prime minus 25 basis points, currently 3.00%.  Hazard insurance is required. Flood insurance may be required subject to flood certification. The maximum APR is 18%.

Offers are good for new MMFCU Home Equity Lines of Credit only. Limited Time Offer. May be withdrawn at any time. Requires a MMFCU Checking account.

**At anytime you may convert your line of credit balance into a fixed rate home equity loan. You must leave at least a $10,000 line of credit open to avoid any costs of converting. Fees may apply if your entire line of credit is closed and discharged. Your rate upon switching to a fixed rate will be set at the Credit Union's current rate on a home equity loan with a similar term. 

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