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To improve the financial well-being of our members by providing valued products and exceptional service.

 Our History, Mission, & Volunteers

The MassMutual Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit, financial cooperative formed in 1962 by 35 employees of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company to serve its employees. Since that time we have grown to over 12,000 members, exclusively serving MassMutual employees, MassMutual Career Advisors, their family members, and others who work on MassMutual campuses.

We are owned and operated by our membership. There are no outside stockholders as in other financial institutions. Our Board of Directors is comprised of member-elected officials who serve on a volunteer basis.

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Board of Directors

Kerry Hurley Chair
Vanessa Morin Vice Chair
Scott Davis Clerk
David Plantier President
Sean Anderson Director
Allan Campbell III Director
Bethany Cowles Director
Ron Desautels Director
Charles Gray Director
Ronald Jackson Director, Emeritus
Ken Rickson Director
Amanda Wallace Director

Supervisory Committee

Jessica Shea Chair
Paul Malandrinos Committee Member
Gerard Blais Committee Member
Gail Lagoditz Committee Member
R. Brandon Williams Committee Member


The Supervisory Committee is comprised of members that are appointed and voluntarily serve to ensure the safety and soundness of the credit union and member's assets. The committee oversees external audits, as well as regularly performs internal audits of the credit union in many areas.

The duties and responsibilities of the Supervisory Committee are in accordance with Federal regulations as prescribed by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). The Supervisory Committee also contracts with a certified public accounting firm to conduct an annual independent financial audit of the credit union and to express an opinion on our year-end financial statements. This independent financial audit is not mandated by regulations, but is highly recommended.

Any questions,comments, or concerns regarding your account or the credit union's operations, you should first contact the credit union directly via email or by phone at 800.940.9466Phone Icon.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the response, or wish to appeal the matter to the Supervisory Committee directly, the committee can be reached at the following:



MassMutual Federal Credit Union

C/O Supervisory Chairperson Jessica Shea

MIP Code B345

1295 State St.

Springfield, MA 01111


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